Growing up growing monarchs: A family guide

Cultivando monarcas.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

Today, we’re hearing from Katie Hone, a homeowner from Ipswich, Massachusetts that used a grant from Parker River National Wildlife Refuge to convert her waterfront home into a woodland oasis, dotted with native shade gardens, monarch butterfly way stations, and a setting where her two young children can have close encounters with nature. The grant is part of the refuge’s award-winning Slow the Flow campaign, which engages the local community to conserve water, reduce invasive plants, promote backyard wildlife habitat, and prevent nutrients and pollution from entering the Plum Island Estuary. 

We’re sharing a post from Katie’s blog; get some some pointers on how to raise monarch butterflies, familiar orange-and-black insects, admired for their flights of up to 5,000 miles a year, which are currently making their way south during fall migration. If you missed the fun this time around, find out how you can help next year! 

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